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The first natural, organic dry shampoo for children
Max & Nancy is a new brand creating clever products to help busy parents. The work of a mum of twins (yes, Max and Nancy!), you can be sure Max & Nancy understand what us parents need. Inspired by a double jam-in-hair-right-when-we-must-leave incident, the first product 'Hairydust' is the first ever dry shampoo designed especially for children. This product has none of the styling effects, chemicals or aerosols of conventional adult dry shampoos. Hairydust is completely natural, featuring organic ingredients and containing no nasties. It quickly removes dirt, sweat & food from children's hair, leaving it soft and clean – and all without the need for a bath. It’s perfect for use in between washes, for emergency clean-ups and for slipping in your handbag any time things might get messy (so all the time, right!!)