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Sweet, sustainable clothing featuring traditional Mexican embroidery for 0-3s
Miss Frida is a small and special collection of beautiful, ethical clothing for baby and toddler boys and girls. Classic in style, each piece is handmade and hand-embroidered by artisan women in Mexico. The result: stunning, unique rompers and more with a story to love.

Miss Frida is the creation of Cristina. In love with the traditional floral embroidery designs that have been hand-stitched into dresses for centuries, Cristina developed the idea to create a bridge between remarkable but isolated rural collectives and the wider market.

Through a sustainable babywear brand, Miss Frida could do more than create gorgeous clothing. Connecting these talented artisans with consumers offers the possibility to support the development of environmentally and financially sustainable livelihoods, the empowerment of women in Latin America, and the preservation of traditional crafts.

Miss Frida partnered with a Cooperative of Women to create the first little dress, named in honour of Rachel, the artisan who encouraged women in her village to join this new venture. All items are 100% cotton and made as limited editions. Each piece is unique due to its handcrafted, hand-embroidered nature.

“Such beautiful embroidery - and a great initiative!”