Naturally beautiful baby toys handcrafted from sustainable, organic wood
REGION: Australia
noc noc is an Australian small business that produces beautiful, personalised handcrafted and organic wooden toys. These rattles, blocks, teethers and more are perfectly simple in design, allowing the beauty of the natural materials to shine through.

Classic toys such as ring stackers and rattles are lovingly created by hand from sustainable non-toxic woods such as beech, acer and ash. These hardwoods are silky smooth and loved by baby gums. Each piece is sealed with noc noc’s own 100% pure organic jojoba and beeswax cream, ensuring they are perfect for little teethers to chew on, all whilst keeping the colours and grain of the wood as the star of the show. There are no bright colours, no paint to chip off, no complicated structures. Perfectly carved pieces move flawlessly for little hands and are a beautiful sight for grownups too.

Based near Byron Bay, an area renowned for it’s natural beauty and environmentally-aware, socially responsible community, noc noc care deeply about the world and the products that our children use. Founder Heather, a mother of two young children, wanted to create a working environment that allowed her to pursue her passion for sustainable, handmade, bespoke products whilst being at home to support her two curious, maturing souls.

Her desire to source a collection of handcrafted, original bespoke wooden toys from around the globe turned into a passion to create her own pieces. And aren’t they just beautiful!

noc noc toys make excellent baby gifts, with gorgeous bundles and personalised options available. And they offer free worldwide shipping over $60 AUD!

“Exactly the kind of first toys I love!”


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Personalised, handcrafted wooden toys. Perfect baby gifts!
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