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The most beautiful, handcrafted leather shoes
Piccolo Shoes is a small, family owned business located in Texas, USA. The small but beautiful collection
offers high quality dress shoes in an array of fun colours, and are all made from genuine leather.

The company was created when the founder, Nydia, was unable to find the shoe she needed for her children. She was looking for a long-lasting and classic fitting shoe, something strong and sturdy yet comfortable to wear. A shoe her son could wear first, and then would still have more than enough life in it to be handed down to her daughter.

Piccolo Shoes was born from the idea of creating a long lasting and timeless collection, for both little boys as girls, for them to wear on all sorts of adventures and occasions.

All Piccolo Shoes are handcrafted with pride in Guanajuato, Mexico (where Nydia has familial lineage), by local shoe makers following the shoemaking traditions of the region. Gorgeous!

“Gorgeous shapes and beautiful colours. These shoes are so pretty!”