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Joyful collage wall art, celebrating colour and nature!
Piccolozo creator Zoë is an artist and set designer who brings her love of storytelling, colour and nature into joyful collage works for children and adults.

Zoë's starting inspiration was the way children can look so closely at tiny things and creatures, full of wonder of it all. Her collages translate these emotions -- mixing minuscule details with playful, abstract and imaginative elements. We love the strong and colourful designs and the way she chooses her objects, bringing forward the beauty of the natural world which can so easily be overlooked by adults.

Piccolozo is based in London and the online shop currently sells signed Giclee Fine Art Prints on thick, beautiful quality paper. Soon she will be expanding into selling poster prints in stores too!

“I love the way these colourful prints celebrate the wonder and joy of nature!”