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Handmade, super soft, classic pure merino blankets
Pure Simple Chic is an Estonian brand offering quality handcrafted baby blankets made from pure merino wool. Available in a small series of beautiful colours, these blankets are not only soft to the touch but also perfect for baby’s delicate skin.

This brand strongly believes in slow, sustainable fashion built around natural, quality materials and small-scale production with the personal touch. Needless to say, Pure Simple Chic follow these principles when creating their own products.

Their blankets are handmade in Estonia using only extra fine Italian merino wool obtained directly from their trusted supplier. Merino wool is widely known for its amazing qualities – it is breathable, antibacterial and moisture-wicking. It is temperature regulating - warming little ones when its chilly out and cooling them when hot. It’s beautifully soft to the touch and does not itch – making it the perfect material for a baby blanket.

The blanket designs and colours are classical, timeless and yet modern – created to compliment any style at any time beautifully. Pure Simple Chic see baby blankets a versatile baby essential that does not need to be re-invented, but rather created to the highest standards to ensure the longest possible lifespan and satisfaction.

“A simple merino blanket is the perfect baby essential!”