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Cool yet sweet handmade colourful jewellery and hair accessories
Rock me Kids offers a collection of playful and colourful kids accessories, all handmade in London. Featuring items that will appeal to a range of ages, the accessories are cool and funky, yet charming and sweet enough for littlest wearers. There are Liberty prints, stars and hearts, and lots of colour all over – including plenty of pink and glitter for those seeking it!

The collection includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings, headbands and hairbands, and even wands! The items are bright but also delicate, a fine balance keeping both parents and daughters happy.

Rock me Kids is the creation of South London-based mamas and friends Naoko and Clare. Drawing inspiration from all over - having lived in various places across the globe - and from their experiences as mothers, these two are utilising their professional design, gemology and fashion business skills to create a unique product little ladies of all ages will love.

“I love the way Liberty prints are included here!”