Stylish and fun girls' clothing that’s easy to put on!
REGION: United States
SMOKKS make stylish clothing for girls age 4–9, suited to the most independent of dressers and still ticking the ‘feel like a princess’ box. This collection of smock dresses, and turtlenecks for colder days, has a simple but amazing feature - there are no buttons, no zips and no hooks to be found! Not only are the pieces ideal for (self)dressing, they are stylish, fun and grow with your child. Not to mention the fact that the smock dresses are made from the most beautiful Liberty prints! The range is completed by an array of leggings, allowing you to mix and match, making dressing super simple!
The idea for this family brand came from, yes, a family! Realising the challenges that dressing can bring to some, they had the idea to create what they as a family would consider perfect smock dresses with a modern feel. Hallie and George’s 4 year old had a lot to say too, you’ll find these pretty pieces have very ample pockets for ‘filling with stuff’, no buttons to catch sensitive hair and sit comfortably round the neck. Everyone is happy! (p.s. there is also a little collection for us mamas!!)

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There's something a little bit cheesy about matching mums and daughters outfits, but also something incredibly cute. Definitely cute. And especially these dresses from NYC based label Smokks. : ) Hallie started Smokks a few years ago, after her husband dressed their daughter in her pyjamas for a ballet graduation, while she was away on vacation -- because, as ...