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Pocket-sized notebooks ready to inspire all doodlers
Start Creative products are designed to spark creativity. Their little doodle books are drawing books with a difference. Instead of entirely blank pages, these books come with a series of lines, swirls or scribbles – a little something ready to form the start of a new creation!

Each doodle book encourages creativity by helping out drawers with a starter shape – who knows where that rectangle will take you! All you need is a pencil and some imagination.

Perfect for young and old, the books are small and portable. They’re ideal for trips and adventures – a great way to entertain your troops when there’s the inevitable wait at the gate, for dinner, or at a sibling’s activity.

Doodle books are pocket sized, affordable, and made in the USA from 100% recycled paper.

“I love that the books are perfectly sized for travel, small enough to fit into any carry-on tote or child’s backpack”


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Doodle books from Start Creative
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