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Stylish, non-toxic playmats offering little ones a safe place whilst complimenting your interior
Totter + Tumble specialise in luxury, one-piece memory foam playmats. Eminently practical and offering all the protection parents are looking for, equally importantly - these mats are designed as a stylish addition to your interior!

Featuring sophisticated and subtle designs in shades to suit grown-up spaces, these playmats are easy on the eye. You’ll be happy to see them in your home! Patterns are ‘quiet’ - allowing room for creativity and toys to add stimulation for little ones, as well as complementing existing interiors.

You can say goodbye to garish, bold and overwhelming patterns and fiddly, low quality jigsaw style playmats! No more having to struggle with an impractical rug (because at least it looks better…), no more putting up with temporary fixes whilst your little one goes through the latest phase… These mats are even reversible, so you can update your look to suit. Hooray!

The creation of parents (of course!) Totter + Tumble’s playmats are made from a non-toxic PVC memory foam and are free from BPA, phthalates, lead, latex formaldehyde or EVA. Responsibly manufactured in South Korea, they have been tested to European Toy Standards, passing the same level of testing as a teething toy!

The memory foam offers perfect cushioning for little ones. It supports them through the inevitable wobbles as well as providing a comfortable place to play. (They’re also great for yoga and pilates too!) And as befits a place where children play - the mats are antibacterial and easy care. The likes of that parenting essential - the baby wipe - is all you need!

*Totter + Tumble currently ship to the UK and Ireland only*

“I love the idea of a playmat you wouldn't ever want to hide away! ”