Cute toys under £4 from Eenymeeny

Ivy has now lost her two bottom teeth!! I think it’s really young to start losing them (she’s only 4½!), but it goes to show that no matter how hard I try to keep my babies little forever, they just insist on growing up! : )

Anyway, the tooth fairy has now come twice in the past couple weeks, each time leaving two £1 coins under her pillow. (What’s the going rate for the tooth fairy these days? I’m curious to know if £2 is normal?!) So… with £4 in her pocket, we decided to pay a little visit to Eeenymeeny to see what sort of toy she could buy herself.

The selection was so good, she had a difficult time choosing! She could buy:

  • A sweet pack of handmade, earthenware marbles, painted in pretty colours
  • A wooden pop gun like her brothers got for Christmas
  • Fingernail stickers to decorate her nails
  • Swirly whirly bouncy balls, because they’re always fun!
  • Super cute knitted finger puppets
  • Magical fluttering butterflies that you twist up and then release to let them fly
  • A package of plastic daisies to create your own daisy chain bracelets (she needed a few extra pounds to buy this, but we were willing to chip in for the sake of how cool this was!)
  • She ended up with this super cool little colouring book – with 32 pages of bunnies to draw outfits and dress up! She loves it and has nearly coloured in every page! (There’s also a ‘32 ways to dress a fox‘ version too, and I’m definitely going back to buy more for little gifts.)

We don’t normally take the kids shopping with us, for fear of turning them into little consumers. But, I did think it was an interesting exercise to show Ivy what her money could buy her. I also think she really appreciated her colouring book because she knew she bought it herself and had made the tough decision to choose it over the other interesting options.

Anyway, I thought I would share in case your kids are also hoping to spend their tooth fairy money!

x Courtney


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February 27, 2014

My cousins get 2€ for tooth, if you’re wondering which is the tooth fairy rate in Spain! Little less than two pounds.

February 27, 2014

Same here (2 lost bottom teeth, but at 5+ years old). The tooth fairy was played by papa who has never heard of the tooth fairy before and he made the grave mistake of putting a €10 in her tooth pillow! It will make for one expensive fairy!

February 28, 2014

We are by far the cheapest of our friends (in the USA). 25 cents per little tooth and $1 for the the big ones (front two teeth and molars, etc). I know of a lot of people who do $5 or $10 for the first tooth and maybe $20 for the big ones. My husband and I would much rather teach our children to value money that they earn (by doing chores and earning allowance) or by displaying initiative and asking if they can earn extra by raking leaves or doing other extra work around the house. But those are just our personal opinions! I bet Ivy had a lot of fun picking something out. Nice that you have a place where she can find something small like that….

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