Tortustick, a fun toy for kids of every age


I popped into Eenymeeny yesterday to pick up a few craft/activity books for the kids (we have a 9-hour daytime flight on Friday!) and this Tortustick game was out on display. Marlow immediately sat down and started playing with it, and to my amazement she actually sat still for a good 45 seconds. : )

I ended up buying it because I figured that not only will she enjoy playing with it, but it will appeal to the bigger kids as well. The game comes with a set of cards with different patterns, and bigger kids can use the magnetic stick to drag the colourful balls around the maze to match the patterns on the cards.  A fun toy for kids of every age (around 2 and up)!

x Courtney


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Josette Windham
July 9, 2014

what a great toy.
I travel to south Africa with my 3 kiddies once a year, 11hrs of fun, not! ;).
your website is great! loving the toy selection, I’ve just ordered the “make a portrait” from the susha toy range, the kids are going to love making up funny faces.
have a good day

Heledd in Lavender
July 9, 2014

Travelling with little ones is not easy! Especially when they’re too small to enjoy a book or their favourite movie. I have no real tips, my 20 month old loves drawing and colouring so crayons and paper are always in my boarding bag. Good luck and have a good flight xx

July 9, 2014

Fab toy, my 2 yr old would love it. I’ve been buying travel games for my 3 kids for a loooong drive down to the south of France soon – best purchase so far is ‘plop trumps’….£4 from Amazon, is like the traditional top trump card games you find (my 7yo loves the football one), but it’s 50 cards each with a different type of animal poo, with smelliest / yuckiest / size etc to trump with. Ok, I’m not selling it am I? But my 7 & 5 year olds think it’s genius, what kid doesn’t love poo?! Happy holidays!

July 10, 2014

Looks like a cute game! You may also like this one
It kept Helena entertained on our last long haul flight. And when we arrived here I bought Florence a large magnetic board so she could also join in. Safe travels xx

July 16, 2014

I wish this game was available in the US…it looks fab!

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