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casa zinc reception room

I’m so behind on posting about our travels (I’m blaming slow wifi — it’s been the one major headache of our travels!).  I have so much I want to share with you from the past couple months, starting with Casa Zinc, a wonderful little boutique hotel in Uruguay that we loved so, so much.

We discovered Casa Zinc on the i-escape site last spring when we were doing research on where to stay in South America. While we knew we would mostly be renting homes, not hotels, there was something about Casa Zinc that really appealed to us, and we figured it would be nice to stay in a hotel for our first few days in Uruguay to get acquainted with the area. We’re so glad we did! Staying in Casa Zinc and becoming friends with the super charming owner, Aaron Hojman, paved the way for a memorable month in Uruguay. It was thanks to Aaron that we received many great recommendations, met so many interesting people, made wonderful friends, and had some of our favourite experiences in South America.

But let me tell you more about this special place…

Casa Zinc - globes
casa zinc school room

Aaron, an antique collector and design guru, built this hotel just seven years ago (only seven!) using vintage and reclaimed materials. Everything from the floorboards to the bathroom taps! The result is a cosy, charming hotel that looks and feels like it’s been there forever. (Even the giant olive tree in the courtyard was trucked in on a lorry to feature prominently in that pretty space.)

We stayed in two connecting rooms, a standard room for Michael and me (and Marlow), and the ‘back to school’ room with three single beds for the other kids. It was perfect. The kids loved the big chalkboard and maps on the walls in their room.

Casa Zinc dining room
Casa Zinc courtyard
Casa Zinc bocce ball

After a delicious breakfast in the dining room each morning, we did homeschooling in the charming courtyard for a few hours before hitting the beach. In the evenings, we would return to the hotel to play bocce ball (often with Aaron’s son Milos) before going out for dinner in one of the local restaurants. We loved the relaxed atmosphere and the cosy interiors. It truly made us feel right at home and welcomed in beautiful Uruguay.

Uruguay is such a gem of a country, like a hidden secret sandwiched in between its much bigger neighbours, Brazil and Argentina, which often receive more hype. It’s safe, it’s beautiful, the people are extremely warm and friendly, and there are so many charming beach towns along the coast, all within easy driving distance. We loved it so much and definitely recommend visiting if you get the chance. You can read more about Casa Zinc and view availability on the i-escape site.

Courtney x


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Sara Robin
January 8, 2016

Thanks so much Courtney for sharing and also your inspirational travels done with much courage and spirit that is so enjoyable, educational and awe inspiring to follow.

January 8, 2016

This is so gorgeous, I desperately want to go the only thing I am far aid of is the flight time from NYC – I will have to wait a couple more years for the babies to be a bit more independent but I cannot wait to go!!!! Thanks for sharing!

January 8, 2016

afraid. not far aid. doh.

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