‘Me’ by Wee Gallery


Ava was recently given ‘Me’ by Wee Society, and it’s such a lovely activity book — perfect for her age now that she just started to read and write this school year. The book is actually a fill-in journal, with super cool kid-friendly illustrations. It challenges the child who is the owner of the book to draw or write all sorts of interesting things there is to know about them, like what time they wake up and go to bed, what they would look like of they were a snake, what their family and best friends look like, and so much more. It will keep them entertained for a while, and then it will be such a cute (and probably funny) keepsake.

wee society 'me'

A definite recommendation for kids who are starting to write as well as for older children (Pim who is 9 would also absolutely love it).

‘Me’ is available on Amazon (US or UK ).

xxx Esther


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