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A Day in Ricetown, a clever colour and activity book

A day in Ricetown activity and colouring book

rice town activity book

A Day in Ricetown is one of the cutest and most creative colouring / activity books I have ever laid eyes on. Not surprising, maybe, since Noodoll Studio is a wonderful creative hub where the most adorable plush toys are created. There is something incredibly wantable about their Ricemonsters — you just want to collect them all!

Ricetown activity book

a day in rice ton activity book

A Day in Ricetown is cleverly designed around Noodoll Studio’s popular bookmark cards — cards that feature a removable paper bookmark of one of the characters. The book comes with six Ricemonster bookmarks included (plus a blank one to design your own) and on each page there are slots into which the bookmarks can be placed. This way, this activity book not only encourages the child to draw, to colour and to write, but also to create and to play. Clever!

A Day in Ricetown -- Ricemonsters (Noodle studio)

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