Le Petit Germain, comfortable and stylish children’s fashion from Paris

Le Petit Germain is a beautiful brand from Paris, with a history of mother and grandmothers knitting under the magnolia tree of their family home. They watched little ones play, run, stumble and get up, entranced in their own world. And they created soft and comfortable clothes which were respectful of delicate, young skin and encourage the discovery of new worlds and adventures…

Le Petit Germain

This is the story of Le Petit Germain, and the execution of the concept feels so natural in the collections. Designer Camille Chandèze Longuépée creates comfortable children’s clothing with clean and simple lines, in vivid colours, and made of soft, natural fabrics. The way children perceive the world and move around in it is the constant starting and ending point of all her designs. Kids love to feel free and comfortable, they love softness around their skin, and they love deep and bright colours. Le Petit Germain offers all of this, in that always so elegant and natural, undisputed French style. I find that Camille’s collections express a lot of care and thoughtfulness. It’s all very creative and dreamy, yet practical at the same time.

Le Petit Germain is one of the brands joining us at the ShopUp in New York in less than two weeks (!!) and I can’t wait to explore more of the collection there!

xxx Esther


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