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’50 Cities of the USA’, a new fact-filled book about America’s cities

Following on from the success of their first book, The 50 States, the author/illustrator duo, Gabrielle Balkan and Sol Linero, have recently come out with a new book, this one featuring fifty cool cities in America. The book, 50 Cities of the USA, features fifty fact-filled maps highlighting popular places, monuments and cultural icons as well as famous people, food and inventions from each city.

It’s the kind of book your kids can devote hours to reading and still only scrape the surface — with loads of interesting facts and vibrant illustrations on each page. I recently sat down with Ivy (aged 8) as she explored the different pages. Initially she sought out the cities she knew (Seattle, Las Vegas and Los Angeles) before going in alphabetical order, discovering cities she had never even heard about before.

I loved watching her as she got to the page on New York City.  She pointed to the ballerina and read about the American Ballet Theatre. She saw pizza and bagels. She read about Fashion Week in the city and about the big museums, and she looked up at me and said ‘if I could live in any of these cities, I’d choose New York!’. Smart girl she is, right?

Ivy also enjoyed the ‘Can you Find?’ section at the back of the book which prompts the reader to find 50 different things throughout the book. Surprisingly, she remembered where she had seen quite a lot of the icons on the pages she had read, and she enjoyed searching for the ones she didn’t recognise.

50 Cities of the USA is a great book for bigger kids (I’d say from age 7 and up!). It’s available from all good bookstores as well as on Amazon (UK and US).

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