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A good family travel backpack is the number one accessory I bring when I’m traveling with children. The possibility of having my hands free and at the same time having access to a back-up (pun intended!) of gear I might need while on-the-go, is essential to me. Successfully traveling with children, for me, is all about a combination of being extremely organised in my preparation and packing, while at the same time being super relaxed and flexible when we have arrived at our travel destination.

Lo & Sons family travel backpack

Lo & Sons, the NY-based company with an expertise in extremely functional and good-looking travel gear, recently launched a ‘DeLuxe’ version of their practical Hanover backpack, making it the ultimate ‘family travel backpack’. A simple and unisex style makes it cool to have on for both mums and dads, and super comfortable to wear too thanks to padded memory foam shoulder straps and the fact that it is ultra light. It has a removable insert with lots of super handy pockets, making it easy to organise everything beforehand and super efficient to find things when on the go.

I was recently in London with the kids, and we were out and about for entire days all the time. Since the weather was typical autumn-like that week (hot/cold/wet/dry), I had to bring lots of layers to make sure we stayed comfortable. We went everywhere by foot or by public transport (London buses are the best!), and with traffic coming from the ‘wrong way’ I wanted to make sure I had both my hands free to grab children if needed.

Here’s what I always brought with me in my backpack:

  • a re-useable water bottle
  • pack-a-macs (foldable rain jackets) in combination with warm jumpers/cardigans, for the kids (and me)
  • sandwiches, apples and clementines
  • some nuts or other little snacks
  • a little pouch with sunscreen, lip balm, bandages and paracetamol (I never used the paracetamol but always feel better having it on me!)
  • a small pack of wet wipes
  • a pouch with a few small toys, pens / pencils and a small notebook
  • my wallet, phone and keys
  • a big muslin square to use as scarf, towel or picnic blanket

All of which easily fits in the Hanover DeLuxe family travel backpack!

Family travel backpack by lo and sons

Family travel backpack by Lo & Sons

The Hanover DeLuxe is the perfect family travel backpack to take along on these sort of trips. Little details, like the fact that the front zippers are designed to be opened and closed with one hand (so handy when carrying or holding on to a small child!) and can be looped together for security, are proof of the amount of care that went into the design of this backpack. Furthermore, there are outer pockets for water bottles, and different size inner pockets, handy for all sorts of items (nappies, soon!). A generous front pocket offers a secure inner pocket for your phone and your wallet, mesh pockets for easy organisation of smaller items, and there is even a key lash (which would also be great to use for a dummy).

Something I’m extra enthusiastic about, is the back sleeve of the backpack which slides over a suitcase handle. This makes it the ultimate backpack to bring when flying as well! It also fits a 15″ laptop, which is handy since I own that size computer. And, last but not least — this backpack is made from recycled water bottles! How cool is that?

Family travel backpack by Lo & Sons

Family travel backpack by Lo & Sons

xxx Esther

PS This post is sponsored by Lo & Sons, a brand we love for their stylish and practical travel gear. Thank you for supporting the brands that help support Babyccino!


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