Spring Daffodil Bouquets — a paper craft to celebrate the new season

Could it be that Spring is on its way? The snow has melted (for us!) and sunny yellow daffodils are beginning to appear in our local park, trumpeting the arrival of a new season. Hurray! It is such a joyful sight. And to celebrate and welcome this new season, I recently made these daffodils at my daughter’s school. It’s the perfect way to bring colour indoors with flowers that last longer, are easy to make, use a few simple (and environmentally friendly materials) consisting of cupcake liners and paper straws. These are simply bursting with golden sunshine and fun! You can practically hear the spring birds chirping already.

And if the birds aren’t chirping and the sun isn’t shining just yet, then this is a great rainy (or snowy) day activity, which makes a lovely addition to a seasonal table, is good for a Mother’s Day gift and could become a centrepiece for Easter even…. basically its an everlasting and perfect spring craft!

The daffodils look lovely in bouquets, and will need some assistance depending on the age of your children. But no two flowers are perfect, and we had fun making them — even the less than perfect ones. We hope these photos make it easier for you, I have included one for each step! Enjoy your spring daffodil bouquet crafting!

Flower Materials :

 Flower steps (the photos may illustrate this best) :

  1. Sort thru all your cupcake liners — decide what colours you want the outer petals vs inner flower petals (if you want to do two toned flowers)
  2. Next, fold cupcake liner in half, then fold in thirds
  3. Cut a slight ‘V’ shape into the cupcake liner, from one tip to the other
  4. Cut a small hole or slit in the centre of each outer flower
  5. Pinch the centre cupcake liner into a small bunch
  6. Pull it thru the slit in the outer daffodil
  7. Tear a piece of 6 inch tape, and stick the flower to the tape. Then just underneath the tape, stick the paper straw.
  8. Wrap the tape tightly around the flower bud and straw
  9. Secure tape by pinching the end
  10. Then open the bud and bring your daffodil to life — voila! Look at the excitement on those children’s faces. (Can you tell which flower is which in our photos? Real vs handmade 🙂 )

Vase Materials :

  • Milk bottle or recycled jars
  • French Blue Crepe Paper  (or use paper scraps, old wallpaper, wrapping paper, etc)
  • School glue

Vase steps : Of course you can use any vase at home, but I love the way the bright blue offsets the golden yellow. This is easy to make, and in hindsight I would recommend making different patterns — a crisscross pattern would look amazing. Then roll or paint on the glue, and next decorate with crepe paper. Let dry, and enjoy your homemade creations — daffodils, vase, and all.

I hope you enjoy your bouquet of daffodils, and that they bring a bit of spring and joy into your home.

Lara x

Ps If you liked making these, try doing a bouquet of our tissue paper flowers.


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Esther in Amsterdam
March 9, 2018

What a cute idea!!! I will have to try this!! 🙂

March 9, 2018

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