Great birthday gift suggestions for a 2-year-old

Second birthdays are such fun! At this age, those little personalities are so very fun and alive, and there is more engagement in general, but especially in opening gifts and playing with them. They really get it — opening gifts becomes the thing. Not just playing with the wrapping papers! 🙂

We received so many perfect birthday gifts for Joseph that I wanted to share them. Some of the gifts I had searched for awhile before requesting as gifts from family. (I love the doctor set!) And other gifts were such lovely unknown brands and ideas that I was delighted to make them a part of our home.

Enjoy these thirteen suggestions, they would be great for any boy or girl…

Gifts for two year olds:

  1. Doctor Set — This vintage set is exactly what every doctor’s set should look like. A sweet fabric bag with wooden handles and a magnetic clasp, little wooden instruments and medicine bottles, and soft felt stuffed blood pressure gauges.
  2. Personalised Rubber Stamp — Bloomfield and Rolfe make beautiful rubber bespoke stamps. A perfect gift for any age! But we especially love this hot air balloon for our Jospeh Ulysses. An heirloom gift he can use for his whole life. What a smart present from a great friend!
  3. Toy Guitar — Do you have a wannabe musician? Then this is perfect! We have one for each of our children from the lovely Hedgehog Shop and it is a super big hit!
  4. Luggy Basket — This is a hit. Super adorable, great for carting around everything your toddler can fit into it, and a brilliant ways to get those toddling humans moving faster when you are out and about. We bring ours to farmer’s markets, parks, the florist, and more… and it seems to make everyone’s heart melt a little when they see this mini two year old roll by with it and his little stuffed animal peeking out the top.
  5. Futbol Football –This  ball outlasts traditional inflated balls and never needs a pump, so it can last for their life! It is built to withstand the harshest environments but plays great on turf and grass, too. And every purchase helps fund play projects to enable play for youth living in disadvantaged communities worldwide. A good gift all around.
  6. Stacking Toy Sorter — We adore this to give as gifts to one and two year olds! And we love ours as well from Wooden Story. Handmade in the mountains of Poland, with such love and care, it is not just a toy, it is a beautiful interactive sculpture as well. The perfect toy to also display on a shelf or desktop when your child grows older, instead of putting it in storage in a few years.
  7. Handkerchief — These are great for the obvious — wiping noses, wearing as bibs, and cleaning up spills… but also great for peekaboo! So we never leave the home without it.
  8. Panama Hat — The perfect hat for your little lady or gentleman. Available from Petit Bateau in pink or blue ribbon. Hats are always a good gift.
  9. A Colour of His Own Book — A lovely board book about independence, which is definitely a theme in a two year old’s life.
  10. Wooden Toy Set — A great set of toy tools! We love these and play with them often.
  11. Tool Pouch — To really make the most of playing with our tools, we prefer this little suede pouch, it adds a touch of creative dress-up play and makes your DIY around the home more portable. 🙂
  12. Brio Train Set — You can start the train set out, with these quality made wooden train tracks, and then build onto it as future gifts by adding other elements to the set.
  13. Skittle Soldiers — These very English soldiers stand so proud, even as the little ball is rolled towards them. Orange Toys makes lovely wooden toys, which are hand painted with non toxic paint. 

We also love these Tinker Toys. And read more about Joseph’s second birthday party post which shared simple, cost-effective, and fun decor & party ideas!

Hopefully this will help you with two-year-old gifting. And please note, some of these toys might be for 3+ years, but I just felt my child was ready for such toys, and his big sister loves to play with them as well!

Please share any other successful gift ideas you’ve had for this age group.

Lara x


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Mary-Jane Higginson
May 15, 2018

Hi – there are a couple of toys in your selection which are safety tested for 3+ . The doctors set by Le Toy Van is one along with numbers 10 and 12. Might be a little misleading to say that these are suitable toys for a two year old as there are obvious risks to child safety for the manufacturers to label themas 3+ . I would be interested to hear your feedback . Thank you Mary-Jane

Lara in London
May 17, 2018

Hi Mary-Jane, I honestly didn’t even look at the age thing, as I just felt my child was ready for such toys, and his big sister loves to play with them as well!
Yes, officially some of these toys are for 3+ but I felt that my 2yo is ready for them. But thanks her for bringing it to our attention! I will make a few edits to the post so it is clear for future readers! Thanks. x

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