Shibori invitations for Ava’s 8th birthday party, so pretty and so easy to make!

I shared my crazy idea for a shibori party for Ava’s 8th birthday yesterday. Beforehand, Ava made these pretty shibori invitations. They are super easy to make. The only things needed are an indigo coloured watercolour paint (or any dark blue), a thin round brush and a bigger flat square brush, and watercolour paper postcards (I got mine at CassArt and was inspired by the cover of the block!).

shibori invitations
shibori invitations
shibori party invitations

Ava made four different designs, one with just stripes, one with crossed lines, one with big dots and a square-line pattern one (created by switching the side of the flat square brush, see above). For the stripes and crosses I first, very thinly, drew on the paper with a ruler and pencil. Ava then traced them free hand using the thin round brush. For the dots, she made bigger ones first and then experimented with dashing a second dot inside with more colour. (It doesn’t really matter, the pretty blue is always going to make it look so lovely!)

shibori party invites

This was such a fun and fast craft project! Resulting in very simple and pretty invites, perfect for a shibori party or any other party alike! (My plan is to make wrapping paper like this too!)

xxx Esther


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July 3, 2018

Love these. Such a great craft idea for kids.

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