Great books for teenagers — Sara’s favourite reads

books for teenagers

Sara (now 13) is a big reader. She seriously devours books! It’s such a pleasure to see her being absorbed by captivating stories, strange worlds and exciting adventures. Especially since I was exactly like her as a teenager.

I’ve asked her to share a list of books she would recommend to readers of around her age. Here goes, without a specific order, her favourite books for teenagers (including a little introduction to each book written by Sara).

books for teenagers

Great books for teenagers

    1. ‘Black Beauty’ by Anna Sewell (UK and US ). About a horse and its life with many different owners, all of them with different characters. A very special book and the fact that it’s about a horse is a bonus ;). Not just for horse-lovers though!
    2. ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett (UK or US ). The story of a recently orphaned girl who is sent to the manor of an uncle she has never met before. She has to get used to her new life without the many servants she was used to. She discovers a secret garden and befriends the son of servants. Then she finds out about her cousin, who is sick and never comes outside. She takes it upon herself to get her sickly cousin out into the beautiful secret garden she has discovered. I loved this book because of its historical setting and the contrasts between a rich and poor lifestyle (and friendships that can grow despite these differences).
    3. ‘The Hunger Games’ (Trilogy) by Suzanne Collins (UK or US ). Three futuristic novels about children who have to fight each other to death. Sounds extreme but it is also a very kind book, about friendship and endurance. I loved these books and wasn’t able to put them away!
    4. ‘Momo’ by Michael Ende (UK or US ). The story of a girl who lives in the ruins of an old amphitheater at the edge of a big city. When people try to stop the time, Momo tries to stop them. Beautiful, the way they write about time and about what time really is (not the sort of time in a ‘clock’ kind of way).
    5. ‘Roof Toppers’ by Katherine Rundell (UK or US ). About a girl who tries to find her mother on the rooftops of Paris, where she meets a boy who lives there. Romantic! And cool to imagine what it must be like to live on the roofs.
    6. ‘The Wolf Wilder’ by Katherine Rundell (UK or US ). About a girl and her mother who work with wolves in captivity and return them into the wild. Until a general summons that all of the captive wolves have to be killed! The way this books outlines the relationship between the girl and the wolves is beautiful.
    7. The Everest Files ‘, ‘North Face ‘ and ‘Killer Storm ‘ by Matt Dickinson. By far my favourite books!! About a boy who spends a gap year in Nepal and who meets different people and encounters all sorts of adventures on Mount Everest. Extremely well written. Dreamy in a realistic way.
    8. ‘The Spy School Collection’ by Stuart Gibbs (UK or US ). About a boy (a nerd!) who is chosen to attend spy school, but he doesn’t understand why because he’s not extremely talented in anything (except math, haha). However, he apparently has a great gift, but he’s not even sure himself what that gift exactly is… Funny! And the secret spy world is cool to read about.
    9. ‘The letter for the King’ (UK or US ), and ‘The Secrets of the Wild Wood (UK or US ), by Tonke Dragt. About a boy (Tiuri) who is about to become a knight until he is summoned to bring a letter to the king. In the second book, a knight of the king has gone missing, and Tiuri is sent to find him, meanwhile fighting the dangers of the mysterious Wild Wood… I loved the fact that this novel is historical. And it’s a great and exciting adventure.
    10. ‘The Apple Tart of Hope’ (UK or US ). About Oscar, who is missing. Everybody thinks he’s dead except for his best friend and his little brother who try to discover the truth together. The two characters take turns telling the story of the book, which is an interesting perspective. About a very old friendship which is challenged in a destructive sort of way.
    11. The Silver Trilogy: ‘Dream a Little Dream’ (UK or US), ‘Dream On’ (UK or US), ‘Just Dreaming’ (UK or US). The story of a girl who moves to London where she joins a team of four boys. Together with these boys they explore people’s dreams where they experience great adventures. A bit like a traditional girls book (a romance, with a boyfriend, etc), but very different and special.
    12. All books by JK Rowling! Obviously. : )

xxx Esther

PS David’s top ten book list — great books for 10 to 15 year old boys (or girls), and some books Courtney’s boys enjoyed when they were 9 and 11.


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July 23, 2018

Typo on Wolf Wilder… Katherine Rundell’s recent book The Explorer is also fantastic!

July 23, 2018

I love this list!! Thanks to Sara for sharing it. Some great new ones to put on our list to read. If she likes Wolf Rider she’ll love The Explorer! Helena is currently reading that and is really enjoying it xxx

July 23, 2018

Thanks Sara 🙂 Great suggestions and perfect timing for the holidays! I have just ordered the Everest ones for my daughter I think she will love them (she loved Hunger Games and Rooftoppers too) She also loved ‘We Were Liars’ by E Lockhart…

July 24, 2018

Her skirt 😍!!!!!

August 1, 2018

Little late on the comments but wanted to thank Sara for the great recommendations. Definitely ordering some for my son.

August 6, 2018

Thank you to Sara for sharing some of her favorites! My daughter is nearly 13 and also a voracious reader (she’s a book a day kind of girl…at least in the summer) and it is so hard to keep up! I spy several of her favorites on the list, but a few new-to-her titles as well. I very much appreciate hearing the thoughts of someone her age who also loves to read.

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