Creepy Critter Collage — Halloween Craft Fun

This was one of those ‘see-as-you-make’ projects after school with some friends, and we love the end result of our creepy critter collages! You only need a few materials (but can easily improvise with what you have at home). And it takes about ten minutes to make one, adding a bit of halloween creepiness to any corner in your home!


  • Fake critters! We received our bugs as party favours and I would also prefer felt, fabric, or maybe 3-D sticker ones that would be a bit more environmentally friendly!
  • Oil pastels
  • Canvas boards — we found these at a small art store, although old frames and paper would work well too, just remove the frame’s glass
  • Super glue / hot glue
  • Paint — we used finger paint but any paint would work for the frame
  • Paintbrush

Creepy critter collage steps:

  1. Using black, blue, purple, and brown, we created a dark night sky on the canvas with scribbled oil pastels. Our children were 2 and 5 years old so it is very simple!
  2. Scratch a cobweb into the canvas
  3. Paint the canvas frame, and let dry
  4. Choose critters and glue down (parents help for this step!)
  5. Find a corner to create a spooky Halloween moment.

I could see this collection expanding every year, and becoming a gallery of creepy critters. It is super simple to do, and very effective. Great for all ages to make!

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Lara x


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Esther in Amsterdam
October 30, 2018

So cute! Perhaps spider made out of conkers or acorns with toothpick legs, maybe painted black, could be a more environmental solution? (Even through they won’t look as scary as these, of course!) x

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