Make your own Christmas wreath — it’s easy!


This was one of those experimental craft projects… but I figured there is NO way we can’t make our very own Christmas wreaths. So, I gathered some supplies dropped by a friend’s house, had a cup of tea, and got right down to wreath-making work. And we are so happy with our experiment…. and the end results!


Your own homemade wreath to greet guests over the holiday season is so very special.   And since this was our first time doing it, we will probably be even better next year. But it needs to be an annual girlfriend activity, no doubt about it! (And I am sure older children & teens would love making a front door wreath as well!)

Here’s what you will need to get started, and then accessorise and customise it afterwards as you’d like:


Materials :

  • Wire ring for the base, I used ones like this, but you could make one out of a clothes hanger by bending it too!
  • Pine greens — I went to the local tree stand and asked for a few beautiful trimmings, they said yes! Or use ones from your tree.
  • Eucalyptus — from my local florist Scarlet & Violet, but you can use these or another fragrant green
  • Rosemary — I love the way this looks on the smaller wreath but the bigger one didn’t have any Rosemary. It smells great too!
  • Unbreakable baubles — I made the patina on these, and they are plastic but resilient in grey, rainy English weather for an exterior wreath. We only put these on the big wreath
  • Ribbon — I used leftover ribbon I had at home for hanging
  • Copper wire — we used a thin gauge wire so we could twist and bend without needing pliers. I like a 24 gauge, just make sure it’s thick enough that you can pull it without it breaking but thin enough to wind easily. You could use green floral wire, but I worked with what was on hand.
  • Sharp scissors / herb scissors  / shrub trimmers — for cutting greens and flowers

Steps :

  1. Gather all items.
  2. Cover work surface, we used a cloth drop cloth.
  3. Cut pine greens off of main stem in large pieces, and shorter, more malleable pieces, divide them up in those sections. You will probably not use the entire centre stem of the green, it is great for a fireplace thou!
  4. Begin to ‘build’ the wreath by wiring the larger pieces onto the wire frame. We loved the copper wire here because even if you see it, it is ok. Plus, you can easily cover it up with the next laters of greenery that you will add on later.
  5. Continue adding bundles of greenery, until it seems to be taking shape, and don’t be afraid to wire down pieces that are getting wild. Work your way around the wire frame, and continue to build.
  6. When you are happy that the pine looks good, then add on the other layers. I love eucalyptus because it soften it, adds a different organic texture, and adds a lovely scent!
  7. Finally, accessorise as you would like! The wreath will tell you what it needs, or at least that is what I think! I loved rosemary on my lovely wreath.

I can’t wait for my mom to arrive for her first London Christmas. She will be greeted by the lovely wreath, a perfect way to set the tone of our upcoming festivities!

Merry Christmas, and happy wreath making!

Lara  x

ps Have you done our pinecone feeders, it is another great little exterior decor project!


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December 17, 2018

That looks amazing! Well done!

Lara in London
December 17, 2018

Thank you! It was much easier than we expected. Now I am already wondering what other embellishments I should add next year! 🙂

Lara in London
December 20, 2018

Thanks Janelle! Happy Holidays. x

December 17, 2018

Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!

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