‘The Ear’ by Piret Raud. A book about the importance of listening.

The Ear by Piret Raud.

When Van Gogh famously cut off his ear, the question arose — what happened to the ear without its head? Estonian writer and illustrator Piret Raud was inspired, and wrote a beautifully illustrated story about that one lonely ear.

The ear at first is quite helpless, as she is alone and without guidance. But before long, she learns that her one and only talent, the art of listening, is the recipe for dear friendships. When she is captured by a nasty spider who is badmouthing everyone she knows, it becomes clear that true friends can help you fill in your personal shortcomings with their own unique skills.

The Ear is a beautiful book in all of its simplicity, and the illustrations are truly little pieces of art. Very inspiring!

xxx Esther


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