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Tales From Nature: A cheerful new wildlife series for young children

Spring is in the air (hurray) and with that are these recently released gorgeous new board books, Tales from Nature, highlighting the cheery new wildlife we see in nature. There are currently two titles in the series, ‘Bird’ and ‘Rabbit’ and they are just delightful for all young readers. They are bright and engaging with windows and flaps to keep little ones entertained and encouraging them to discover what happens next.

‘Bird’ invites you to join in as she hunts for a tasty caterpillar, sings in the trees and meets a new friend. But there is the question of what happens when she lays three small eggs in her nest? ‘Rabbit’ is equally fun, as he eats the farmer’s carrots, sneaks past a waiting owl and snuggles up in a burrow with his family.

They are super fun reads and perfect reading for the new season ahead. ‘Bird‘ and ‘Rabbit‘ can be purchased from any good book seller or online here.

Vanessa x


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