Ava’s mouse house! A super fun (and super creative!) craft project.

Ava has been working for weeks on her ‘mouse house’ — a collection of old shoe, cereal etc boxes with all sorts of different functions inside. It’s really becoming such an extensive project! Sara, Pim and Casper have joined the fun as well — they each have houses too now, but also business. For example Sara has a print shop and makes kitchenware, Ava sells pillows, Pim runs the bank and a public transport company…

I thought it would be fun to show you some photos of their city — it’s truly ingenious what they have invented. And best part of it that it’s all made of junk! (Haha, yesterday Pim made me drink a beer because he needed the cap for another wheel of his bus!)

Mouse House

Mouse House

mouse house craft

This is Ava’s original house, with upstairs the lounge with a sofa, a rug (woven herself), pillows (hand sewn), a fire place with logs, a bed, a flat screen television (can be folded away). Downstairs there’s a bathroom with a shower, toilet, a washing machine, wash basin with hot and cold water… There are towels which hang from hooks of the walls, there are tooth brushes, tooth paste, shower gel (and a shelf for the shower gel), a basket for spare rolls of loo paper…

There also is a kitchen with a fridge filled with delicious food. In the cabinets there are plates, pizza boxes, cups… Flowers are on the table, a door leads to the garden. (Or you can take the slide from upstairs, of course!)

Mouse House

In the garden a pool, a trampoline, lounge chairs, a swing, and a clothes line.

Mouse House

Yesterday Ava had one of her girlfriends over for a play date and the girls added a roof terrace — with a bar, restaurant and a podium for performances. There’s a menu to order from, and all of the drinks and food and snacks hang from baskets from the side. Ha, I would love to hang out there, what cool space!

In Ava’s city, there’s a place for old people too. All the mice wear glasses here! With a grand piano, cool art on the walls and a games table.

Pim’s house (above) is as tidy as his own room — with neatly ordered sushi on plates, and a cool artwork (made by Sara) above the table. Sara’s house (below) has a cute table also with sushi rolls, and a little notebook. There even are miniature chopsticks and pencils!

Each of the children have a car, a phone and a wallet. In their wallets is a tiny debit card which they use to buy goods from each other. They go up to Pim’s cash machine, pay, and in the ‘bank’ money is transferred from one person to another. They also each have a public transport card (Pim runs a bus company). They all have a mail box attached to their houses where the newspaper is delivered, plus fun magazines.

Here’s a photo of the bank, and the ‘Patent sheet’ used to protect their intellectual properties, to make their economy work. For example, Sara is the only one entitled to make sushi, chopsticks, dinner plates and magazines. Pim makes cars and televisions with remote controls. He also is the owner of the cash machine and publishes the newspaper. Ava makes telephones and debit cards and has made quite some money by selling her hand sewn pillows.

Isn’t this just adorable? They have such fun and I think it is just the sweetest and most creative thing ever. And so clever, with their patent system and the way they make their finances work!

Almost all of it is made with things they find in the recycling! The only things I needed to buy as they finished all of the supplies are masking tape, hot glue sticks and black duct tape.

Perhaps your children will be inspired to make something similar. If they do, please tag us as I would love to see their creations!

Have a happy weekend!

xxx Esther


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March 29, 2019

Incredible! I love the creativity your family shares. What a wonderful winter idea! Thank you so much for sharing all of the elements.

March 29, 2019

This is amazing. Brings to mind the Bronte sisters.

Courtney in Australia
March 30, 2019

This is so so cute!! I love all the tiny (literally!) details. xx

March 30, 2019

Wow! I absolutely love how creative your children are. This project is amazing, and they really do think about everything. The details are really on point. Definitely thumbs up to them all 🙂

April 2, 2019

This is just lovely! My daughters love building houses and buildings like this, also from the recycling/ old fabrics box, though eldest has started a wooden one in a community wood workshop – all for their Sylvanniens! I really thought they were unusual for doing this sort of thing – I don’t know anyone who’s children are like this. Their creativity is fabulous! Mine are making tiny fimo chocolates, nail polishes and perfume bottles out of beads and felt dresses for the “department store” 🙂

April 4, 2019

marvelous!!!! my children are five years and three years old twins. i would love to make a Junk box. may i ask what do you keep?

Esther in Amsterdam
April 8, 2019

Hi bibi, Ava takes what she needs out of our recycling (pieces of cardboard, caps of bottles, etc) but she also uses fabric scraps, wooden skewers, corks, wire, coloured paper (from magazines for example), old newspaper to make mini newspapers, etc. She uses the tops of spice jars for garden chairs, wooden beads to create lamps… You can think of anything, really!

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