Autumnal Pumpkins, a simple DIY

Pumpkins are not just for Halloween! And although they could (and should) be perfectly appropriate for early and late October, they are also perfect now as their own Autumnal display or centrepiece. It is not too late to make these, and I plan on keeping ours on the table until after Thanksgiving. Along with our gilded leaf garlands. It isn’t time for Christmas decorations in our house… yet!


This is a super easy Autumnal craft for all ages. They are also environmentally friendly (using only recycled or scrap papers and glue!). And they can also be used year after year after year, reducing the need for one use decorations.

A lovely friend gave us these papier-mâché pumpkins, (we are so happy she did!) and I rustled up some recycled paper and wrapping tissue paper to decorate them.

Materials needed:

  • Scrap orange papers, a variety of textures, transparencies, and shades of orange is great
  • Watered down school glue (just add a few drops of water in a shallow bowl of glue so it is easier to paint on)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Kraft paper pumpkins, like these
  1. Tear paper into long, thin strips, so they accentuate the shape of the pumpkin
  2. Create a little work station using parchment or wax paper if you don’t want to do a lot of clean up after. We taped ours down with washi tape.
  3. Apply glue, decoupage style to both base of pumpkin and also on top of each strip of paper
  4. Add some textured paper in a few spots, so it replicates the pumpkin in a patch
  5. Let dry over night
  6. Decorate your home

They will add instant colour to any shelf, corner or table in your home. And the best part is, they will go away in storage once Christmas decorations come out, and then next year, and each year after, they are part of your family’s traditions.

And if you want to make papier-mâché pumpkins from scratch, I did a fun project here a few years ago. It is more time intensive but equally as rewarding. Maybe you can create a whole paper pumpkin Autumn installation in your home!



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