Beer box farm – a DIY crafted farm using just one box!

This little beer box farm was a hit with my daughter! The best part for me was that it was entirely made out of the beer box, nothing else is needed. Should you have a beer box going spare, (or any thin cardboard box), here is how to make a little farm of your own.

Materials needed for a beer box farm:

  • Beer box/ thin cardboard box
  • Glue (Pritt stick worked perfectly for us)
  • Scissors

To start with, you’ll need to take the box apart and turn it inside out. Whatever box you’re using is most likely plain cardboard inside so turning it inside out negates the need to paint/ cover/ decorate (unless of course you’d like to afterwards!).

Taking it apart carefully, ensuring you have nice clean sheets of cardboard, you next need to cut enough widths of the box for the number of farm animal houses you wish to make.

I had a number of animals to accommodate, so cut several widths.  Once your widths are cut, set aside any scraps left over from the box as these will be your details. The reason that thin cardboard is perfect for this craft is that your farm animal house structures are all created by folds –easy to do with thin cardboard, but importantly, do keep their shape.

DIY animal farm

I copied the basic shapes of various animal houses, (with some reference to my daughter’s storybooks). Arched roof for pigsty (simply roll your roof into a tube or even wrap around a glass to create this shape), levels and ladders for the chicken coop, a cut out window for the stable, and a strip of cardboard (folded and glued at each end) for the ‘first floor’ of the rabbit hutch.  Simply cut and fold your widths to create each house (setting aside any scraps that you make).

Once you’ve got your animal house structures, all you need are your details. I glued scraps of various cut out rectangle lengths for thatched roofs, pond reeds and ladder rungs.

So as the farm could be packed away for future play, and assembled by Lily, I didn’t glue the roofs or ladders down. It becomes a game in itself to assemble and balance everything together!

make your own beer box farm
beer box farm

And there you have your one box, multiple house, farm for animals!

I’d love to see your homemade Beer box farm! Please do tag us in your creations! And happy playing!

Sydney x

P.S. Another wonderful use for your cardboard boxes is this cardboard box pirate ship!


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