And So, September Is Here

It felt as though it would never come, but the longest summer is now over, and we have truly hit Autumn here in London. My children and I are preparing for new starts – my daughter begins reception next week, my son starts nursery the week after and I will head back to work after a rich few years at home raising babies.
It’s a time of mixed emotion, isn’t it – September. Schools in London embark on the new term now, so it always feels like the beginning of the year, even more so than January.

New choices, new opportunities, new friends and teachers too. The changing of the leaves is so beautiful but also somewhat heart-wrenching, as we leave the long hot summer days playing by the stream, or counting how many ice creams we’ve had each day (a lot!).
It’s almost too much to bear, that feeling of knowing that the summer haze is done, and those moments are now banked as memories. There is that saying – you only have 18 summers with our children, and it really rings true when you feel the chilly breeze of autumn touch the toes.

Have your children, like mine, grown exponentially, learnt all manner of new words and skills, and played their way though constrictions of a global pandemic? Well done to all of us, I say. It hasn’t been easy but it’s been eventful. If they are starting school too then have a peek at this back to school Top Ten here and this great book post by Lara here.

I am sending love and wishes to everyone starting new things this month – whether it’s a home-based curriculum of learning, a new school, new jobs or new projects. We at Babyccino would love to hear what is on the horizon for you – share in the comments below. Good luck!


Love and Light,

Zainab x


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