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Get reading with Storytime Magazine!

The other day I was saying to my husband: we really should find some more gripping things to read for Fergus, our seven-year-old son. His sisters love reading and being read to, but our boy, well… he could use a little bit of encouragement. It must have been a sign —  Esther, the next day, asked if we wanted to review Storytime Magazine for the blog! Yes we would and we did and guess what, we all loved it!

Children read less and less

Ok that is the short story, now the long one (I am a psycholinguist after all). Did you know that research shows that this generation of children reads less than any generation previously? And did you know that only a quarter of kids in the UK read for fun every day?
Also, are you aware that boys are a lot less likely to describe themselves as keen readers than girls (47% vs. 60%)? And finally, did you know that boys also tend to read less often and less thoroughly than girls?
It seems that the situation at our home is not so extraordinary!

The folks at Storytime Magazine have taken these statistics to heart.  Every month they publish a new ad-free (!) issue, which arrives in a beautifully illustrated paper envelope (no plastic, yay!). The magazine is full of captivating stories, retellings of myths, fairy tales, poems and activities, all written in rich language and stimulating vocabulary and reading for comprehension.

Storytime truly entices children to read for pleasure. And children who love reading are more likely to benefit from what school has to offer!

Storytime Magazine

The moment I handed Fergus the magazines he dived straight into the one with the dragon on the cover! He read the main story in one sitting and started to get really excited about the other features in the issue. The girls, meanwhile, found their own favourites, and all three of them had a wonderful time. They were reading quietly, reading to each other and sharing the bits they liked best — and pointing out the beautiful illustrations.

Reading alone or together is such a key activity for growing children, and I love how Storytime Magazine really makes an effort (and succeeds!) to appeal to all genders, so we can all read together and learn something too. I love how they incorporate classic stories from all over the world — which is something our son loves too, since he fell in love with Greek myths during the first lockdown, when his older sister was studying them for school!

And speaking of home schooling — Storytime Magazine offers extensive home learning packs with each issue. They use the stories from the magazine in conjunction with the national curriculum (not just English, but subjects like Maths and Geography too!). Using these beautifully designed lesson packs helps to process the information more in-depth. Definitely something to keep in mind if the schools around here ever have to close again! But in the meantime we will just enjoy Storytime for the joy it gives us all.


PS Storytime is now offering a nice discount to Babyccino readers: visit this page to get your first 4 issues for just £9.99 (saving 50%)!

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This post is sponsored by Storytime Magazine, a magazine we love and personally recommend.


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