Little You : A Beautiful Board Book

In November in the United States it is Native American Heritage Month and Thanksgiving is also just around the corner. So I wanted to share a lovely board book which is very timely called, Little You written by Richard Van Camp and illustrated by Julie Flett. This is a book written and illustrated by two Indigenous artists. And it opens our eyes to books by and about Indigenous people. It celebrates the beauty of a culture, which is more important than ever to teach alongside someone the more antiquated aspects of Thanksgiving.

The Author, Richard Van Camp, is a proud member of the Tlicho Dene Nation from Fort Smith, Northwest Territories. And Julie Flett is a Cree-Metis author, illustrator, and artist. If you aren’t familiar with Julie’s work, you simply must look it up, it is stunning.

But this board book, which I have had since my son was a baby, is one we read every year around Thanksgiving. It is a simple, graphic, and beautiful book. With images that feel like a warm hug. Each one is a beautiful painting in it’s own right. They are so full of joy.

The words that cleanly float on every page are like little haikus or poems that capture emotions shared by families all around the world.

As I wrote this post I noticed other books I would love to add to my collection like We Sang You Home, and When We Are Kind. These books are all from Orca Publishers who are an independently owned Canadian children’s book publisher that strive to produce books that illuminate the experiences of people of all ethnicities, people with disabilities and people who identify as LGBTQ+. Orca represents the diversity of human experiences with a particular interest in celebrating the lives of Indigenous people.

If you are interested in making your own library more reflective of the rich tapestry that is the world, then perhaps you can also look at these other posts from our team… Young, Gifted and Black, and this post on Black History Month from Zainab.

I hope you enjoy Little One as a new addition to your bookcase. Or, as a gift for a new baby!





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