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‘The Tale of the Whale’, a beautiful new book with an important message

This new book arrived in the post this week and became an instant bedtime favourite of Wilkie’s. The Tale of the Whale by Karen Swann and Padmacandra is a poetic rhyming book that highlights the beauty of the underwater world and the importance of saving it from plastic pollution. The book takes you on a beautiful journey through the ocean as you watch the unfolding of a friendship between a child and a whale, and ends with the discovery that the ocean needs our help. In the end, the child asks the reader to help save the ocean. It’s a simple but powerful message, and each time I read it, I see Wilkie nodding his head, agreeing to help. (It even inspired Marlow to paint the message below!)

The illustrations are super charming, and I love that the child’s gender is non-specific — leaving it open to interpretation by every young reader. A beautiful new book we are happy to add to our collection!

Courtney x


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