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Girly yet fuss-free, playful dresses you’ll all love
Alice + Ames offer a line of dresses and play leotards for girls aged 2 to 8. Designs are fun and stylish, with a focus on comfort, quality and playfulness. With just the right balance between ‘twirl’ and simplicity, these are pieces that both mums and daughters will love! No surprise, then, that the range is a creation of a mum of girls -- 3, no less. Her dream was of a dress whose fabulousness they could all agree upon, and she set about designing it! Choose between the longer ballet dress and the shorter leotard, available in a range of deep, vibrant colours. Both designs are focused on playful and modern details, and created to offer the ultimate comfort. They’re equally perfect for dance, occasions and everyday wear! Ideal for twirling, they’ll make for an instant ballerina whatever the occasion! The dresses are made with a huge eye for detail and with high quality materials. They’re designed for endless twirling and to be washed and washed.

Alice + Ames currently ships within the US and to Canada only.