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Bold, colourful, unique Australia and New Zealand-designed kids décor
Antipodream love bright colour and bold prints. Preferably together! This UK-based boutique offers an original range of kids bedding and décor full of zing, fun and unique finds, including some of the most exciting new brands in kids bedding and décor. They specialise in 'Antipodean' designers - artists and brands from Australia and New Zealand - with many brands available for the first time in the UK and Europe.

Their collection of exclusive products includes most anything you need to add happy touches to your kids’ space - bedding, shelves, wall art, rugs, mirrors, blankets, cushions… A wealth of bright colours, bold designs and print layering – items to help create bedrooms that pop!

Every piece has been carefully selected with an eye for quality, durability and sustainability as well as style. Perfect for children, fun, and yet not one bit childish, this collection allows mums and dads to create spaces their children love and that they do too!

“Oh my! The icecream mirror! Want!!”