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Premium organic baby clothing certified by GOTS
Bébénca Organics is a Seattle based, premium organic baby clothing brand, certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) . Their vision is to leave the planet in a better shape than it is currently.

The Bébénca signature collection is unbleached and undyed pure natural organic cotton color (off-white) - just as mother nature intended. Its aptly named as Nature's Hug, no bleach, no dyes, no inks and no harmful chemicals during fabric processing were used to make this collection - just a hot water wash to remove any impurities from the fabric. All of the gorgeous designs promote slow fashion, so the emphasis lies on making designs that are all-season with gender neutral in styling, colors and prints.

Bébénca has social responsibility at the forefront of their foundation and they are committed to being ethical with sustainability in mind from farms to children.

“The softest baby sleepsuits with such cute designs!”