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Contemporary knitted dolls and accessories
REGION: United States
We have one word for Blabla: adorable. So cute and cuddly, and with so much character! The combination of designer Florence Wetterwald's creativity together with the ancestral knowledge of the Peruvian artisans who knit the dolls, result in products that look contemporary but feel like old friends. Every season new, fun dolls and accessories are added.
And the cuteness is not just reserved for dolls - Blabla also have a wonderful range of sweet bedding and accessories for your little one's space! Think gorgeous patterned sheets, knitted blankets, mobiles, bean bags... Divine!

BlaBla Kids Blog Posts

Sharing a room -- a girl's and boy's side
Sara and Pim have shared a room since Pim was born. I recently asked them if, when we have a bigger house, they would like to have separate rooms or still share. They both said they still would like to share! So sweet. Sara is now 8, and Pim is 6, and I imagine that in ...
Blabla -- dolls for boys (and girls)
In the same line of thought of getting our daughter a train track for her second birthday, we recently got our 3-year-old boy his own doll. I mean, we don't want to be forcing a love of trains or dolls on our children while they're possibly equally inclined to play with the other, do we? ...
BlaBla dolls
Oh, I am in love with the BlaBla dolls. They are just so beautifully made, and the designs are simply amazing! Too cute, the magician, the ballerina, the queen and the fairy... My kids really love their BlaBla dolls, they make up whole stories around them. And Ava loves talking to them; blablablablabla... Sweet! xxx ...