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Vintage inspired dresses that speak of quality and craftsmanship
CHRISTY DAWN offers a beautiful line of vintage-inspired dresses that are sure to become some of your wardrobe’s hardest workers. This Californian brand never fails with their relaxed yet stylish, boho-chic options. You’ll find flowing shapes and beautiful prints, flattering cuts and nostalgic touches. With a wealth of colour and fabric options, the collection manages to combine unique items with staple shapes.

Although not maternity wear, many items are perfect to help you through pregnancy and breast feeding – making them an even better investment for a mama. Dresses certainly form the base of this collection but you’ll also find some beautiful shirts, overalls, coats and accessory options.

Christy, creator of this brand and online boutique, grew up in small-town California, where little has changed in the past century and where her passion for vintage-inspired clothing began. Christy seeks to replicate that sense of timelessness in her designs, her goal – to create the dress you long for when you stumble upon that box of old photographs of your grandmother.

Every CHRISTY DAWN piece is made by local artisans in Downtown Los Angeles and is designed and made to last. This brand uses deadstock fabric as a way minimise their impact on the environment. Consequently, instead of creating thousands of garments at a time, this brand sews a limited number of pieces. Uniqueness is highly valued and every dress made is numbered. Just like a dressmaker - or your great grandmother – would have done 100 years ago.

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