Contemporary, stylish custom birth announcements
REGION: Belgium are experts in birth announcement cards. They’re based in Belgium, a country so big on this – the most happy type of post - almost every baby has their card printed the very day they are born! What we love about these custom cards is the simplicity – designs are based on the principle of less is more and are primarily based around the typeface and simple (silhouette) illustrations. You’ve spent a lot of time choosing a name – the name itself (beautifully typeset, of course) can be more than enough when you pay enough attention to the smallest detail! Or perhaps you would like a bold character illustration, or a pattern to catch the eye. All done with style and completely unique! also have a great range of cards for other occasions, such as holidays, weddings, invitations and more. There’s excellent customer service to support your personalisation, international shipping and – of course – it all happens fast! (Those babies can’t wait!)