Adorable, eco-friendly stuffed toys
REGION: United States
Elly Lu create ethically made organic toys designed to make the world a brighter place. Their colourful, sweet stuffed animals are made to hug and soft to cuddle –-- and since they’re 100% created from certified organic and non-toxic materials, your little one can enjoy the deepest of snuggles whilst you have complete peace of mind!

The range of cute characters is hugely appealing to little ones, with favourites such as unicorns, turtles, narwals, seals and - mermaids. They are bright and colourful, sure to cheer up a room if your child agrees to put them down! A number of the animals are available in two sizes.

The creatures are filled with organic buckwheat hulls and organic cotton. Fabrics are GOTS and OCS certified organic and dyes, low impact and free of heavy metals, formaldehyde, aromatic solvents, phthalates, azo dyes, and GMO's.

Elly Lu is the creation of sisters-in-law, working together with their twin brother husbands! How cool is that! Inspired by searches for toys for their own girls, and influenced by living on the coast in Alaska, California, and Hawaii, they’ve created a company devoted to creating the highest quality product that minimises customer's exposure to harmful toxins. Their goal is to make luxury organic products, sold at an accessible price, helping normalise social and sustainable consumerism.

They are passionate about giving back and partner with charities and non-profits from around the globe. Each toy corresponds with a unique cause to which $1 is donated per item sold.

“Super cute and super affordable too!”