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Unique, educational prints adding colour and interest to children’s spaces
English Muffin is a design studio and online shop creating and offering modern, accessible and educational prints for children and those young at heart. Full of colour, these are striking yet gentle graphic images that not only please the eye and add beautiful touches to rooms, but inspire and educate too. From maps of countries, continents and oceans, to animal alphabet and fruit and vegetable counting prints, the illustrations are vibrant and inspiring, grabbing attention and asking for a closer look. Choose a print inspired by nature or from the lovely assortment of truck prints - ice cream to garbage trucks, fire engines to snow plows – super fun! English Muffin also offer gorgeous custom name prints in case you’d like something extra special, and a lovely range of cards that can be used of a variety of occasions.
English Muffin is the creation of illustrator Bess, a Canadian mama living in Germany. If she’s not in her studio, you might well find her hunting for insects in the garden, counting ducks at the pond or simply taking in the skies. She finds her greatest ideas come from the beauty and simplicity of everyday life – so she makes sure to stay curious and adventurous. And she hopes her prints will inspire your little ones to do the same!

“I love the European map with its fresh colours - and it's so easy to spot all the different countries.”


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