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Stylish essentials for maternity, nursing, and the hospital bag
Francis & Henry is a Polish brand and online boutique offering luxurious sets of essentials for mothers and newborns. These are beautifully packaged bundles with delicate (yet practical) basics for pregnant and nursing mums -- carefully designed to make women feel great!

Delivered in magnetic-flap gift boxes, these items make perfect gifts for mothers-to-be, whether you opt for a single dress, a pretty bralette or a carefully collated bundle. These will be the first items packed in the hospital bag!
The bundle sets also include a gorgeous addition for baby – a beautifully soft bamboo-cotton muslin wrap featuring unique hand-drawn charming illustrations. This blanket is the first item in Francis & Henry’s collection of beautiful newborn essentials made of gorgeously soft fabrics and featuring subtle, timeless designs.

The creation of mums, Francis & Henry is inspired by babies but actually dedicated to the appreciation of mums - and to embracing their whole person in the oh-so-rewarding yet undoubtedly challenging journey that is motherhood.

“Hands-down my favourite discovery for nursing. I'm still sleeping in mine and I no longer have a baby to feed! :)”


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