Aims to strengthen the bond between mothers and their babies.
REGION: France
La Langerie offers a delicate collection of soft swaddling blankets made from 100% organic cotton. The ancient technique of swaddling babies is used to cocoon the babies, calm their colics, contain their uncontrolled movements... La Langerie offers a beautiful swaddling blanket made from a snuggly, pure material which retains scents and will make babies feel safe and secure.
There are also smaller sized 'Langette' wipes, handy to clean your baby's face or to use as a washcloth for the body. A pacifier clip can be attached to the swaddling blanket, and two of them attached together quickly transfer a Langette into a bib. So clever!
We love the beautiful colours too!

La Langerie Blog Posts

La Langerie, a delicate collection for newborns
The lovely ladies at La Langerie sent one of their gorgeous swaddle blankets for baby Marlow and it's become one of our favourite blankets. I love the soft, gauze-like material, and the fact that it's so generously sized -- perfect for swaddling and breast feeding and snuggling and all sorts of other things (I read ...