Beautiful merino wool socks + tights for the whole family!
REGION: New Zealand
Lamington is a New-Zealand label making the most beautiful merino wool socks and tights -- to keep your entire family's feet and legs snuggly warm throughout winter and all other seasons!

Run by a team of 4 women who have 11 children between them (ranging in age from 9m to 18 years), you can rest assured that these socks have been tested to the max. Lamington products, as they say, 'are the best merino wool foot warmers you will ever buy'!

The story of the brand is a fun one. Founder Sarah Teensma knew little about socks, she admits, but knew what she liked and wanted to create socks with a comfortable fit. Inspired by ski socks that stay up, stay on, and keep feet warm and dry, she started making knee socks in timeless colours and designs. While the range was initially designed for infants and children, Sarah found that women, who avidly bought socks for their kids, wanted their own Lamington socks. Once a women's range was launched, Sarah's husband borrowed her socks and became addicted, and a men's range was born!

We love the fun designs and the cosy and snug fit of the Lamington collections, and we can't help but daydream a little when we see all of those sweet, tiny baby socks and tights. (How lovely to see that there are some sweet designs for premature babies too!) What we find important to note as well, is that sock sizes are knitted into every pair of Lamington socks, so there's no confusion over whose are whose. How clever is that?

“Such sweet, snuggly and comfortable socks and tights! We LOVE warm feet!!”