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A fun and effective way to have your child learn a new language at home
REGION: United States
Lingokids is an exciting, fun, and effective way for children to learn languages at home. Available for budding students of the English, Chinese, and soon Spanish languages, it is the first platform of its kind, developed by early language learning experts together with Oxford University Press and award winning kids’ games developers. It offers an exciting and engaging experience that brings English learning into the child's natural habitat: playtime! Lessons are embedded in colourful, interactive games that immerse children in English adventures (and are scientifically proven to be 2x more effective than traditional methods!)
The playful nature of this programme is of course the key to its success, coupled with the clever, adaptive game design that grows with your child. Lingokids creators Monkimun know that early childhood is critical for language acquisition, their engaging apps are primarily focused on children aged 2 – 6. Available for iOS and Android, you can try Lingokids basic for free and upgrade to a Premium subscription to unlock full features and an unlimited supply of new game lessons every month. If you’re more inclined toward Chinese, then download Monki Chinese Class to get your child on track to learning the world's most spoken language!