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The ease of the essentials-filled Finnish baby box, stylishly brought Europe-wide
We may have heard of the fabulous Finnish traditional of baby boxes, but few of us have had the chance to receive one. Enter Little'un Baby Box, who offer a range of these special boxes containing the best quality essentials for mum and baby, and ship throughout Europe!

In Finland, the government provides all mothers with a maternity package containing baby clothes as well as care products and materials (!). These items come in a cardboard box that is perfect to use as your baby's first bed - so clever! The boxes are credited in helping Finnish babies be amongst the healthiest in the world, by reducing health risks posed through sleep.

Little'un boxes are manufactured by the very company who produce them for the Finnish Government. And just like the Finnish boxes, theirs are filled with all kinds of essentials including sweet and practical clothes. Little’un have carefully selected high quality, perfectly designed, organic and environmentally friendly products for every inclusion, making choosing one of their boxes the most easy of ways to get set for your little one’s arrival.

There are different options available depending on how much shopping you’d like to get done in one go, from the extensive Maternity Box containing over 50 items, to the Sleep Box with a series of bedding essentials.

Whichever you choose, opting for a Little’un baby box will offer big savings against buying individual items, not to mention time saved and the knowledge that you have excellent choices from the potentially overwhelming world of baby goods out there! These boxes also make an excellent choice for gifting, especially from a group.

“Such an amazing concept - I love that someone has brought this to the rest of Europe!”