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Organic and natural wool clothing & accessories for babies and children
MamaOwl was started by a Danish mother living in London who wanted her baby to stay warm during the colder winter months. She started importing her favourite brand, Engel, which makes soft, untreated organic wool clothing.

Untreated wool helps to regulate your temperature, absorbs 40% of its own weight in moisture and still feels warm if wet. It also rejects dirt and does not need as much cleaning. Perfect to keep little ones warm.
Not to mention... such cute, simple designs! We love the wool fleece suits, sweaters and hats. And all the cosy bodies and basics.

You'll also find a cute collection of cotton clothing as well. To layer over the wool basics, of course!

5 Questions with Anna from MamaOwl

MamaOwl is an absolute treasure trove of the most beautiful natural fibres. When we think of wool, we think of MamaOwl. It might seem hard to believe, but there was a time, not that long ago, when buying wool thermals in London was a challenge. When Danish mother, Anna, couldn't find them for her own ...

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Anna is a Danish mum of two boys living in East London. She founded the wonderful online children's boutique MamaOwl after struggling to find quality wool clothing in the UK when her first son was born. Anna and her family live in Hackney overlooking the beautiful Regents canal -- how dreamy! We are lucky to ...
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