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Fun art prints and postcards for animal lovers of all ages
London-based online shop Monkey and The Giant offers a playful and colourful collection of prints and postcards featuring groups of favourite animals.

These illustrations are not only lovely on the eye; they also draw a laugh. And, honestly, they’re rather informative too! Who knew? A group of giraffes is called a tower! A group of ferrets, a business!

Monkey and The Giant illustrations are bright but clean, perfect for children’s spaces but also elsewhere in the family home. They are bold and light-hearted yet retain a sense of sophistication. All illustrations are available as perfectly-sized wall prints, with some available in a small range of sizes and as a postcard book.

Monkey and The Giant is the creation of London-based mama Andrea (or Dre, to her friends), inspired by her muses big (husband) and small (children). Dre aims to embrace the timeless pleasures of discovery and the playful spirit, creating artwork that perfectly stands at the crossroads of her life experiences to date - as an artist, graphic designer, teacher, and mother.

“Fascinating and fun stuff!”