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Exquisite cashmere balaclavas
REGION: United Kingdom
Balaclavas are a winter must-have! They keep your little one's head, neck and ears cosy warm ... and it stays put, so you never have to worry about the hat falling off. Nilka's cosy and super soft balaclavas are knitted and hand finished in the highest quality Scottish cashmere. The designs are timeless, elegant and supremely comfortable. Choose from a variety of colours and two different designs (we love the balaclavas with teddy bear ears!). Your kids will love them too!

Nilka Blog Posts

Sweet teddybear ear balaclavas from Nilka
I (or really, Sinterklaas) couldn't resist buying this cute cashmere teddybear balaclava from Nilka for Casper at the ShopUp last week, and I'm so happy I did. He looks so adorable in it! I just love balaclavas, they are perfect when it's chilly outside. They cover ears, neck, and chubby cheeks, and are also virtually impossible ...
Cashmere Balaclavas from Nilka
I had no idea that these cosy little hats had an official name. Did you? They're called balaclavas... and the place to find the most exquisite cashmere balaclavas in a wide range of colours is a lovely new site called Nilka. The balaclavas are knitted and hand finished in the finest Scottish cashmere, making them ...