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Comfortable, hardwearing leather, wool and denim suits to support the serious business of free play!
Play is Work have created perfect playwear for children! Made in London from the finest leather, wool and denim these overalls and separates are designed to set children free – free to move without restriction and discover the world through play. They are functional, stylish and robust. The leather hides are chosen for their individual beauty and ethically sourced from Scandinavian farms. These are heirloom pieces to be worn every day and then handed down.
The clever pieces are the creation of Kaija Vogel. The original overalls, however, were created for Kaija by her mum in 70’s Finland. Rediscovering the suits through her own children, Kaija realised how perfectly they fulfil her maternal instincts to both guard her children and give them freedom. So she’s taken her Mum’s idea and perfected the design, adding style and durability. There are overalls for babies and younger children, and vest / trousers sets for older ones. Wonderful!